4 Easy Ways to Start Using Your Essential Oils

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on October 10, 2017

Oil in the Family shares four ways to use Young Living essential oils in your family. Brand matters, it is important to know where your oils come from. If it just says “organic” it can still legally have a certain level of chemicals in it. Those little bit of chemicals will react in the distillation and cause chemicals in the end product. These chemicals can cause health issues over time and it is why essential oils can get a bad rap. The real problem is impure essential oils, companies that take shortcuts, synthetic essential oils, and add fillers to stretch the oils. Young Living Farms are open to the public, and once a year the convention attendees go to one of the Farms. We are first distillation only, meaning we distill it once, and that is it. The most potent oil is produced. Many companies distill it up to 3 distillations, which means you get a weaker and weaker oil. Would you like someone to make you a cup of coffee by using the old grinds and then putting 3 batches of old grinds together. That is what many companies do.

Another trick: If a company can not get an oil, they can make it chemically by altering the chemistry and legally can say it is the same as the farm produced version.  If a company NEVER runs out of an oil, I am personally scared of that company. I run out of our favorite foods at my house at times because we use and eat the food. If I never ran out of food, you would wonder if I was making it or growing it. It is a very suspecting situation in my opinion if a company never runs out of oils. Young Living runs out of oils at times because it comes from plant material and we only have a certain amount of plant material. Read warning labels if you would like the truth of what is in that bottle of oil.

To learn more check out https://seedtoseal.com and then come back and join with our Oil in the Family team so you can get the oils and start using them to support your family and your immune systems/ promote wellness in your family.

Our job starts when you become a team member, and we are committed to help you all along your journey. #Educationisourspeciality #Buildingrelationships #Wearehereforyou



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