What is the difference between member and customer?

As a wholesale member you 1) receive a discount of 24% off all Young Living products and 2) are eligible for promotions and incentives. There’s no required monthly commitment to be a member. No “strings-attached”. You maintain your membership for 1 year with the purchase of a starter kit, and to maintain it for the following year(s) you only need to spend $50/year (similar to a SAMS Club or Costco Membership!). On the flip side, a customer orders at full retail price with no opportunity to save or earn money. If you are ready to become part of the Oil in the Family, click HERE(add a working link)!

Why is my SSN number required for Wholesale Membership?

YL is a referral based business allowing those who choose to earn an income from sharing about YL. If you choose not to share about YL, your SSN will never be used. If sharing about your love of oils is something that comes natural to you, you will have the ability to earn a paycheck, so your social security number is only used for tax purposes. YL WILL NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION.

Why Young Living oils and not other companies?

In one word: QUALITY. Starting with the seed of the plant, and continuing with its cultivation and harvest, YL monitors every step of the way to ensure that the highest quality oil is the end result. The quality of Young Living is what has created an astonishing reputation of quality. Young Living has a Seed to Seal process that no other company can claim. It has been in business over 20 years and has the largest selection of blends and single oils. Young Living is the only company that opens it farms to the public, and it completely transparent. Any member can volunteer at a harvest on the farms. I have made soaps since 1999, and these essential oils are the best I have ever found. The smell is totally different, and this is the first time I have been able to use them for alternative medicine for my family. It is also the only brand where the smell will change from person to person depending on how your body needs the oil. If your body really needs the oil, the oil will stink and as you use it and need it less.; it will smell better.

What is a blend?

A blend is a collection of single essential oils put into a blend. Ex. Purification is a blend of single essential oils. A single essential oil is just from one plant. Ex. Lemon

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