Geranium Oil Uses

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on March 5, 2020

Oil of the Day:

Geranium oil. It is one of my favorite oils. There are two types of geranium plants, one has no smell at all, and one has an old rose type of smell on the green leaves. It is a cheap way to get a rose smell. Rose smell is one of my favorites so as you can imagine Geranium is one of my favorites.

I love geranium, great for pregnancy, super soft smell. It is in Joy blend in YL. It is great to support healthy normal relaxing lifestyle.

I love it paired with Palmarosa, or paired with Patchouli.

Palmarosa is called the Indian Geranium, so I paired Geranium with a Gernanium when I blended them for a great combination.

Yesterday I took about 9 drops of Patchouli, added 5 drops of Geranium and 4 drops of lemon. It was an amazing combination. The geranium and lemon mellowed out the Patchouli. Not everyone loves the musky smell of Patouchili. It is a smell fixative so whenever you can add it to a blend and disguise it, it will give a stronger smell of the mixture.

Peppermint and Patchouli is amazing as well.

I created soaps and bath salts in those smells for years in my business when I made and sold personal care products like soap, bath salts, lotion bars, etc. . For anyone who is wondering about Yl’s quality. I have a 8 year old Patchouli bottle that the only thing that happened is the old got thicker, it did not change it smell. Resin like oils can get thicker with age and it is why I added the lemon oil to thin it up. This works for vetiver and myrrh that tend to get resiny and too thick to come out the jar.

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