Peppermint Oil Uses

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on March 5, 2020

Peppermint it is one of my absolute favorites.

Vitality Peppermint essential oil can be used in hot chocolate, brownies, tea, cookies, dips, etc.

The taste is crisp and soothing/cooling.

Regular peppermint is amazing in bath salts, salves, room sprays (make your own with distilled water and essential oils), diffuser combinations, soothing on the muscles, chest, around the nose for mediation and breathing deeply.

Cotton balls and in drawers and in cars to make it smell good.

Caution: there is a rare reaction to the fumes that babies and young kids can have, so most do not recommend it till the child is older. The reaction is less than Tylenol reactions, as a mother and an educator I believe in educating and empowering you to be safe. I know many people give reckless advice at times regarding brands, usage, and dosage. YL’s oils are stronger, a recipe from another brand will make it too strong with ours.

I suggest reference books, a great mentor and start slowly. A reference book for pets or children if you are using oils around them. I have used oils safely around my kids, and pets for 8 years with great results. I believe in you getting proper education and learning ways to help your family stay healthy.

Peppermint can also be used to bring down your milk supply, so nursing Moms will desire to avoid it in large quanities or use other things to maintain a normal milk supply like fennel, basil, joy, and geranium. Drink lots of water..

Favorite combination in Nasal Inhalers that I make is Peppermint by itself or Peppermint and RC. I also like Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon.

Peppermint pairs well with Rosemary, or Lavender.

One of my favorite soap combination from the business days when I made and sold my products. Peppermint, Euc, and Rosemary. I would add Mint Medley tea to the soaps and called those soaps Mint Medley.

Yummmy!!!!! So very soothing.

Peppermint is great on your neck with an ice pack, or on the neck to wake you up. Last night I smelled like peppermint I had it all over my neck area to relax and smell deep.

It is a wake me up and let me sleep cool. Adaptogenic, it provides you with what your body needs at the time.

It is a cooling oil, so dilute as needed, and always use in Epsom salt when using in a bath. I had my son say, Mom, I can not warm up in this bath. He had been out in the sun, and I had rubbed him down with peppermint. I told him, and you won’t–that peppermint is giving you a very cool sensation.

Joey has grabbed it when he ran into irritating foliage in the yard, and it helped to prevent redness.

Vitality Peppermint is a great quick refresher of your a breath mint. My kids keep it in their backpacks for mornings. I keep it on hand for meetings and any social event.

Reminder- same oil in both bottles no difference, the difference is the paper label on each of them.

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