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on March 5, 2020

How to keep your family healthy.

First, it is a journey and making changes towards optimal health.

Good health, relaxing massages, chiropractic adjustments, non-toxic environment, non-toxic cleaners, man-made fragrances are chemicals (those candles and plugins) respiratory supporting essential oils, immune-supporting supplements, exercise, and fresh air.

Vitamin D is great and so is happiness for your health. Nature is relaxing and very helpful to good health.

A positive attitude boosts the immune system and so do lots of tools I mentioned above.

We are multifaceted people so our health should contain many tools to stay well.

Our liver is important to our wellbeing. The less toxic our environment is, the less it has to filter out the toxins.

The liver is then able to do what it is called to do better, and give you more energy and it supports a healthy immune system.

Ps- essential oils bought by other companies can and normally have synthetics in them and the liver has to work harder to take care of the toxins/chemicals in them.

Cheaper is not better, it can be more costly on your health in the long run. (Smell the differences in essential oils, read their warnings. I have 30 comparison oils (hidden from my kids) from many different brands- no matter what they say and how they hate Yl, in 20 years using oils ( before with soaps) Yl is still the best I have ever used. And yes I try all the new ones that people ask me about. I can smell the synthetics and how weak they are. And all the labels say 100%, yes maybe the few drops of pure oil before they add everything else. Labels lie or deceive. The proof is in the product.

I advocate and encourage Yl products for the last ten years ( I would be buying and using them even if I didn’t get any money as an affiliate- if it wasn’t good for families- I couldn’t in good conscience promote it) because we are more than an essential oil company- supplements, make-up, beauty products, non-toxic cleaners (not just greenwashing) snacks, super drinks, protein shakes, non-toxic cleaners, personal care, Cbd, laundry, dish, washing liquid, etc. toilet paper that is what I mainly buy at the local store, and paper plates- big family stuff.

Definition time- Greenwashing- when companies pretend to be nontoxic and they aren’t. It is a marketing ploy.

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